Kelly is a thoughtful and focused Organizer.
When, after my Mom’s passing away, I was faced with the overwhelming task of having to clear away 50 years of stuff my Mom collected, Kelly came in and took the lead to organize everything. Kelly’s intuitive sense of how things need to be arranged, placed, stored, housed or discarded is a true blessing. She is skilled, focused and determined to create a clearing. And most importantly she does it with a sense of fun and joy, and no judgment or shame. Kelly works swiftly to get things  organized — and that took a tremendous burden off our family.
Kelly is truly a most diligent and thorough Organizer.

~ Rebecca L., La Cañada Flintridge, CA

I can’t believe I just did that! That pile has been sitting there for over seven years!
Thanks for helping me get through it!
~ Gina R., Los Angeles, CA

You made the process of going through my mother’s clothes and belongings a happy time of celebrating her life,
instead of a sad depressing time going through all of her things.

~ Mike V., Westwood, CA

I needed to go through that room and purge — you made it easier to face the memories and the fear of letting “stuff” go.
Your patience and understanding of my situation made a scary and overwhelming project not so scary and overwhelming.
~ Tammy L., Irvine, CA

Kelly has helped me to stay organized in both my professional life and my personal life. Her ability to quickly survey the situation and
come up with a clever and logical plan is remarkable. She has helped me go from exasperated and overwhelmed,
to serene and systematized in just a few hours. And she does it all with fabulous style!

~ Tamara Hedges Chief Operating Officer UCR Palm Desert

Thank you, Kelly! You were of immeasurable help when I recently moved my 95 year old aunt from her 6,000 sq.ft. home to her new 1,600 sq.ft. home.
I was amazed at how you helped my aunt select the treasures that meant the most to her and release the rest, always treating her with respect.
Your firm patience kept the pace moving yet allowed my aunt to feel she was in charge. Thank you for following through
with the packing and organization of the move, always keeping your calm amidst the chaos!
I was extremely pleased with your professionalism and highly recommend your services.

~ Stacy O’Rourke Bell