Let me help you organize your life and go from Chaos to Calm!

Organizing the entire Coachella Valley and the High Desert.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.” As a Professional Organizer I can help you clear the clutter from your home, garage or storage unit. 
I can assist in helping you move with packing up your belongings and un-packing to set you up right.  It is my honor to help you in dealing with the loss of a loved one by gently sorting through their belongings and help you through that process. Getting it done right the first time saves time, money and stress.  I will help you simplify your life from chaos to calm, so you will have more “moments” to spend your time enjoying your life.  That is what it’s all about! 



Home is a sacred place. A haven of comfort. Having an organized home can provide a feeling of wellbeing. Whether it’s your closets, garage, kitchen cabinets & pantry, den, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, guest room or cupboards, I can help you get organized. 


Senior Downsizing

I will be with you every step of the way as you downsize a lifetime of everything you own, from collectibles to clothing, so you can make room for
new beginnings. 

Home Office

Working from home is more than just an office in your house, it’s the space where you make money. Un-clutter your surroundings and increase your potential for wealth. I can help you set up an organizational system designed to work for your needs.


Moving (Packing & Un-Packing)

The biggest question when moving to or from is, “where do I begin?” Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. As a skilled organizer, I can provide the right kind of assistance needed to help put order back in your life.

Storage Space

Inside every box is a different story about who you are and where you’ve been. I can help make it easier for you to throw out, donate, sell or keep what you have, so your life story is more organized. Organize your collectibles so that sell more easily.


Chronic Disorganization

Life is a journey filled with “things” that fill us emotionally but can also get in our way of living a fulfilled life. As a professional organizer, I will provide the support needed, as you work through the stress and anxiety dealing with piles of paper, sentimental items, clothes, and clutter.